About iFOLIO

What sets iFOLIO Apart?

The iFOLIO solution helps students develop personalized and targeted iFOLIOS or digital portfolios, with tips and examples, and templates designed to emphasize elements Colleges and Employers review in selection decisions.

This unique approach and patent pending technology are developed by a team with extensive experience, working with Admissions Offices at Top 100 colleges.

  • Easy-to-Use Templates
  • Tips and Examples
  • Personalize as You Go
  • Optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile


The iFOLIO Corp team has scholarship selection experience at Georgia Institute of Technology. The team’s background includes Georgia Institute of Technology, Yale University, University of Texas, Wharton University of Pennsylvania, University of Georgia, Zhejiang University in China,  and the Harry S Truman Scholarship.

iFOLIO Corp Founder and CEO, Jean Marie Richardson, has scholarship selection experience at Georgia Institute of Technology and Fortune 500 company experience at Oracle Corporation, Microsoft, and MasterCard.

Who we are

We have extensive experience.
We have patent pending technology.
We are passionate about helping students maximize their opportunities for college and beyond.

Jean Marie Richardson is the president and chief executive officer of iFOLIO Corp, a patent pending digital portfolio platform designed to give students a digital edge for college, internships, and jobs.

Richardson’s background includes Fortune 500 firms Oracle Corporation, Microsoft, and MasterCard, and 9 years of college scholarship selection experience at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Richardson currently serves on the Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business Advisory Board, the Georgia Tech TI:GER Graduate Program Advisory Board, the Metro Atlanta Innovation Advisory Group, and the Dean’s Scholarship Council. She enjoys guest lecturing on technology innovation for Georgia Institute of Technology’s MBA program and has been a featured speaker at national conferences.

Jean Marie Richardson graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology, cum laude, and a President’s Scholar, with 7 other merit-based scholarships.

Phone: 404-275-6733
Email: jeanmarie@ifoliocorp.com