Ace the College Criteria Scorecard 

iFOLIO Digital Portfolio Solution designed for College Admissions, Athletes, and Projects

College & Employers Require an Edge

iFOLIO targets the 20 Criteria Scorecard utilized by the Top 100 ranked Colleges & Universities in the U.S.

Students are using digital portfolios to Be Seen for Scholarships and College opportunities

College Admissions is More Competitive

20 Million students apply each year, submitting up to 30 applications – National Education Association

Applications Are Digital

Over 700 U.S. colleges and universities and all the ‘Top 100’ recognized by U.S. News and World Report use digital applications

Experts Encourage Digital Portfolios

In an increasingly holistic process, top educators and institutions are encouraging the creation of a digital portfolio –

Stand Out with an iFOLIO Digital Portfolio 

iFOLIO helps students develop personalized and targeted digital portfolios to maximize application success for college, internships, fellowships, and jobs

What is Unique about iFOLIO? 

iFOLIO is a digital portfolio platform designed to give students a digital edge for college, internships, and jobs with portfolios designed to target criteria admissions and employers score.

The high school portfolio solution helps users target the 20 criteria college admissions scores such as academic performance, academic rigor, leadership and commitment and includes tips from inside scholarship selection committees and examples from merit scholarship finalists in every portfolio section.

The college portfolio solution includes tips and examples from Fortune 500 companies.

Students can develop personalized and targeted iFOLIOS for their target audience

High School tool:

  • Tips and examples
  • Multiple visual options
  • Templates bring to life factors that Admissions reviews

College/Graduate Student tool:

  • Tips from Fortune 500 companies
  • Examples from students or professionals that landed jobs with Fortune 500 companies.
  • Templates designed to demonstrate results and skills for the position targeted.

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Adding iFOLIO to Your College App

Learn the 3 spots to add the iFOLIO link to your college application in the Common Application system now utilized by all major colleges in the U.S. including the Top 100 and over 800 Colleges.

Hint: you can add the link in the Activities Section, in the Writing Section: Personal Essay, and in the Writing Section: Additional Information section.  Recommenders can also send your link in their Recommendation.

How iFOLIO is Being Used  

We are so proud of our iFOLIO users who are finding creative ways to use iFOLIO!

 iFOLIO students have been accepted to universities including Yale University, received prestigious scholarship offers, and used iFOLIO programs to begin their college and internship planning.  Please see some of their insights below.


Taylor Schwartz
Emory University M.D.

“iFOLIO took my resume to the next level when it came to the interview process. Having an edge like that really put me a step ahead of the competition!” Taylor Schwartz

Taylor got her digital portfolio, and 5 days later used it in an interview. She got a job offer on the spot.


Collegiate Athlete
Name protected for privacy

“This is great” – Name protected for privacy

A college athlete used iFOLIO to market in the sports world.  We are so proud that he was recently drafted to the NFL!

What iFOLIO Users Say

Great help!”

– Erin, Senior at Georgia Institute of Technology

I think that the digital portfolio makes me more personable and real”

– Anagha, Freshman at Georgia Institute of Technology, President’s Scholar

Yes I would share with friends. This has helped me get a head start on my college applications.”

– Robert, 11th grade

The digital portfolio will help show colleges what I am interested in.  This portfolio is more interesting than a basic word doc.”

– Robert, 11th grade

The most interesting parts were learning how to present my materials in an interesting way.”

– Robert, 11th grade

This is a fantastic product and already features everything a student needs.”

– Alden, 9th grade

iFOLIO provides a well-organized way to show all of my academics and activities to colleges and future jobs.”

– Alden, 9th grade

Great program! Can help me with the long-term.”

– Manshi, 11th grade

This is definitely recommendable to all students, as it increases self awareness of progress and educational requirements.”

– Manshi, 11th grade

The template for iFolio is very well planned and shows the key highlights colleges look at.”

– Alden, 9th grade

Editing my portfolio was an amazing experience and the tool was very user-friendly.”

– Dinesh, MBA student, Scheller College of Business, Georgia Institute of Technology

This was wonderful!  Thank you!”

– Anagha, Freshman at Georgia Institute of Technology, President’s Scholar

“I had an awesome time learning how I could make myself stand out when applying to colleges.”

– Robert, 11th grade student

An iFOLIO will give law schools a better look into who I really am.

– Erin, Senior at Georgia Institute of Technology

This was wonderful!  Thank you! I have been meaning to create an online portfolio for a while, and this gave me the jumpstart & assistance I needed to get started!”

– Anagha, Freshman at Georgia Institute of Technology, President’s Scholar

helps me add items that I cannot in my one-page resume”

– Dinesh, MBA student, Scheller Business College, Georgia Institute of  Technology

“a great way to market myself and will be a pertinent tool in my education and career going forward”

– Janani, 12th grade student

“a great way to look different among the large profiles of the applicant pool”

– Manshi, 11th grade student

iFOLIO has a digital portfolio platform designed to give students a digital edge for College, Internships, and Jobs.

iFOLIO Founder, Jean Marie Richardson, has experience helping select merit scholarship recipients at Georgia Institute of Technology, and Fortune 500 company experience at Oracle Corporation, Microsoft, and MasterCard. Tools and tips from the iFOLIO team from Georgia Institute of Technology, Yale University, University of Texas, Wharton University of Pennsylvania, University of Georgia, Zhejiang University in China.

We are passionate about helping students get a Digital Edge to Stand Out for College and beyond!

Thank you to our partners including Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business, University of Georgia Summer Academy, Future Business Leaders of America, Rally Volleyball and North Atlanta Volleyball Club!