Today, College & Employers Require an Edge

Now, students need a way to stand out in a digital application process.

College Admission Has Changed

“Applying for college is not what it used to be. It is insanely more competitive these days and if you can afford the help of a professional, get it.”  – Berkeley Parents Network message board post

College Admission Has Changed

The Common Application digital system is adopted by over 700 U.S. colleges and universities and all the ‘Top 100’ recognized by U.S. News and World Report

Competition is Increasing

25% of college applicants are utilizing Education Consultants and growing.

Top educators and institutions are encouraging the creation of a digital portfolio.

Now you can Get the iFolio Edge

iFOLIO helps Students develop personalized and targeted digital portfolios to maximize application success for college, internships, fellowships, and jobs

Stand out with an iFOLIO Digital Portfolio 


Introducing iFOLIO! 

What is Unique about iFOLIO? 

Students can develop personalized and targeted iFOLIOS or digital portfolios, with tips and examples, and templates designed with tips from College Admissions and Employers.

High School template:

  • Tips and examples
  • Multiple visual options
  • Templates bring to life factors that Admissions reviews

College/Graduate Student template:

  • Tips from Fortune 500 companies
  • Examples from students or professionals that landed jobs with Fortune 500 companies.
  • Templates designed to demonstrate results and skills for the position targeted.

Build your best impression!

Sharpen Your iFOLIO for your Target 

Develop multiple iFOLIOs targeting different programs.

Your iFOLIO for Brown University’s Egyptology Program may be different from your iFOLIO for Georgia Institute of Technology’s Business Program.

Your iFOLIO for a nationwide fellowship may be different from your iFOLIO for Graduate School or a Job.

Get Tips and Examples from Experts 

Sharpen your iFOLIO with tools and tips.

Build your best impression for your target program.

Get an Edge with iFOLIO!

Stand Out! 

Highlight your experience visually.

Show your depth, commitment, and impact with photos, videos, and images.

Get tips and examples to build your best iFOLIO.

Stand out to Admissions! Maximize opportunities for college, fellowships, and internships!


  • Academic Snapshot
  • iFOLIO Key Achievements
  • Portfolio Display (can include video)
  • Activities
  • Work & Service
  • Honors & Awards
  • Languages & Skills
  • Specialized Experience
  • Program Interests
  • iFOLIO visual display

It's never too early to get started.

Every student can begin preparing for college and internships early in their student lives. Learn more today.

There are lots of reasons to wait, but one big reason not to: it’s getting more competitive by the day.

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iFOLIO Kit – Version 2, Available through Workshops and Licenses

How to Use iFOLIO 

Learn the 3 spots to add the iFOLIO link to your college application in the Common Application system now utilized by all major colleges in the U.S. including the Top 100 and over 800 Colleges.

Hint: you can add the link in the Activities Section, in the Writing Section: Personal Essay, and in the Writing Section: Additional Information section.  Recommenders can also send your link in their Recommendation.

About iFOLIO

What sets iFOLIO Apart?

iFOLIO has a patent-pending digital portfolio platform designed to give students a digital edge for College, Internships, and Jobs.

iFOLIO Founder, Jean Marie Richardson, has Merit Scholarship Selection experience at Georgia Institute of Technology, and Fortune 500 company experience at Oracle Corporation, Microsoft, and MasterCard. Tools and tips from the iFOLIO team from Georgia Institute of Technology, Yale University, University of Texas, Wharton University of Pennsylvania, University of Georgia, Zhejiang University in China.

We are passionate about helping students get a Digital Edge to Stand Out for College and beyond!

Great help!”

– Erin, Senior at Georgia Institute of Technology

I think that the digital portfolio makes me more personable and real”

– Anagha, Freshman at Georgia Institute of Technology, President’s Scholar

Yes I would share with friends. This has helped me get a head start on my college applications.”

– Robert, 11th grade

The digital portfolio will help show colleges what I am interested in.  This portfolio is more interesting than a basic word doc.”

– Robert, 11th grade

The most interesting parts were learning how to present my materials in an interesting way.”

– Robert, 11th grade

This is a fantastic product and already features everything a student needs.”

– Alden, 9th grade

iFOLIO provides a well-organized way to show all of my academics and activities to colleges and future jobs.”

– Alden, 9th grade

Great program! Can help me with the long-term.”

– Manshi, 11th grade

This is definitely recommendable to all students, as it increases self awareness of progress and educational requirements.”

– Manshi, 11th grade

The template for iFolio is very well planned and shows the key highlights colleges look at.”

– Alden, 9th grade

Editing my portfolio was an amazing experience and the tool was very user-friendly.”

– Dinesh, MBA student, Scheller College of Business, Georgia Institute of Technology

This was wonderful!  Thank you!”

– Anagha, Freshman at Georgia Institute of Technology, President’s Scholar

“I had an awesome time learning how I could make myself stand out when applying to colleges.”

– Robert, 11th grade student

An iFOLIO will give law schools a better look into who I really am.

– Erin, Senior at Georgia Institute of Technology

This was wonderful!  Thank you! I have been meaning to create an online portfolio for a while, and this gave me the jumpstart & assistance I needed to get started!”

– Anagha, Freshman at Georgia Institute of Technology, President’s Scholar

helps me add items that I cannot in my one-page resume”

– Dinesh, MBA student, Scheller Business College, Georgia Institute of  Technology

“a great way to market myself and will be a pertinent tool in my education and career going forward”

– Janani, 12th grade student

“a great way to look different among the large profiles of the applicant pool”

– Manshi, 11th grade student