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iFOLIO Digital Portfolio Solution designed for College Admissions, Athletes, and Projects

Today, Applications for College & Careers Are Online

Educators Encourage Digital Portfolios 

iFOLIO is the only digital portfolio platform that is flexible, easy to use, with templates targeting the criteria colleges and employers care about

Students are using digital portfolios to Be Seen for Scholarships and College opportunities

College Admissions is More Competitive

20 Million students apply each year, submitting up to 30 applications – National Education Association

Applications Are Digital

Over 700 U.S. colleges and universities and all the ‘Top 100’ recognized by U.S. News and World Report use digital applications

Experts Encourage Digital Portfolios

In an increasingly holistic process, top educators and institutions are encouraging the creation of a digital portfolio –

Stand Out with iFOLIO Digital Portfolio Solution 

Students use iFOLIO to make their resume or application stronger with a targeted visual portfolio presentation

Organizations use iFOLIO to help their members prepare for college, develop their careers, and achieve the best results with innovative digital presentations

What is Unique about iFOLIO? 

iFOLIO is a digital portfolio platform designed to give students a digital edge for college, athletic programs and careers.

iFOLIO differentiates with specialized content, unique user experience, and targeted visual display.

The high school portfolio solution is designed with the 25 Criteria Scorecard utilized by Top 100 ranked colleges and illustrates items such as academic performance, academic rigor, leadership and commitment.  Insights include examples from scholarship selection rubric and examples from merit scholarship finalists in every portfolio section.

The college portfolio solution includes insights from Fortune 500 companies.

Students can develop personalized and targeted iFOLIOS for their target audience

High School iFOLIO:

  • Insights from college admissions & examples from scholarship recipients
  • Multiple visual options
  • Templates target the 25 Criteria Scorecard utilized by ‘Top 100’ ranked U.S. colleges

College/Graduate Student iFOLIO:

  • Insights from Fortune 500 companies
  • Examples from students or professionals that landed jobs with Fortune 500 companies
  • Templates designed to demonstrate results and skills for the position targeted

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Adding iFOLIO to Your College App

Learn the 3 spots to add the iFOLIO link to your college application in the Common Application system now utilized by all major colleges in the U.S. including the Top 100 and over 800 Colleges.

Hint: you can add the link in the Activities Section, in the Writing Section: Personal Essay, and in the Writing Section: Additional Information section.  Recommenders can also send your link in their Recommendation.

How iFOLIO is Being Used  

We are so proud of our iFOLIO users who are finding creative ways to use iFOLIO!

 iFOLIO students have been accepted to universities including Yale University, received prestigious scholarship offers, and used iFOLIO programs to begin their college and internship planning.  Please see some of their insights below.


Taylor Schwartz
Emory University M.D.

“iFOLIO took my resume to the next level when it came to the interview process. Having an edge like that really put me a step ahead of the competition!” Taylor Schwartz

Taylor got her digital portfolio, and 5 days later used it in an interview. She got a job offer on the spot.


Collegiate Athlete
Name protected for privacy

“This is great” – Name protected for privacy

A college athlete used iFOLIO to market in the sports world.  We are so proud that he was recently drafted to the NFL!

What iFOLIO Users Say

iFOLIO has a digital portfolio platform designed to give students a digital edge for College, Internships, and Jobs.

iFOLIO Founder, Jean Marie Richardson, has experience helping select merit scholarship recipients at Georgia Institute of Technology, and  experience developing technology at Fortune 500 firms Oracle Corporation, Microsoft, and MasterCard.

The iFOLIO insights came from Georgia Institute of Technology, Yale University, University of Texas, Wharton University of Pennsylvania, University of Georgia, and Zhejiang University in China.

We are passionate about helping students get a Digital Edge! 

Thank you to our partners including Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business, University of Georgia Summer Academy, Future Business Leaders of America, Rally Volleyball and North Atlanta Volleyball Club!